We offer websites and other platforms as well as their maintenance and support (AGB).
Our UNIX and Linux based IT-services include IT-Security such as external data security officer, server and network solutions and software. For work samples from 20 years of our work feel free to ask.

our PHP-framework

For a fast and secure development of web applications of all kinds.

  • from PHP 5 to 8.1 inclusive
  • in continuous development since 2003
  • connection to ticket systems such as Redmine, PLM or PIM systems via SOAP or REST
  • Modules for: database, template engine, image conversion, preview image calculation, text recognition, user/group management, installer, multilingualism, …

our WordPress theme and plugin framework

For individual WordPress sites, decoupled from version fluctuations with:

  • contactform
  • own post types (product, event, …)
  • jobportal
  • slider
  • PDF-Viewer
    With many options and scrolling view
    For all WordPress versions > 4.9
  • Font Embedder
    automated local integration of GoogleFonts
    For all WordPress versions > 4.9


A safe and intelligent replacement for most web technologies for free programming with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • replaces apache2 / NGINX , server-side scripting languages (PHP), MySQL and CMS
  • with easy to use WYSIWYG-editor
  • integrated modules such as contact form, style sheets, template sets, …

Prototype | project still under development

web development (excerpt)

  • proprietary video player development
  • custom animations
  • embedded videos and animated images
  • linked with website
  • multilingual (english version)
  • real-time search engine
  • (research project)
  • focused crawling
  • focused analysis of web pages and files
  • linguistic interpretation of search requests

Font Embedder
  • WordPress plugin for embedding Google Fonts locally
  • DSGVO compilant
  • fully automated
PDF Viewer
  • WordPress plugin
  • PDF viewer
  • universal and easy to use
  • lots of options
  • nice page flipper view
  • job offers are fully automated entered
  • in-house developed AI crawls information from the members‘ websites
  • DSGVO-compliant newsletter
  • translation of job offers from „Sie“ to „Du“ (german)
  • geolocation | automatic pre-selection of job offers if the used device is within 20km of the station
  • WordPress Plugin
  • automatic counter of participants
  • given information set out in a table
  • newsletter function

websites and shops (excerpt)

in-house development of WordPress Themes

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