The Serapis Project

Intelligent crawling for the operating system

The Serapis project involves the concept of a real time crawling search engine. Mainly we are going to explore the possibilities of focused crawling, i.e. a focused analysis of web pages and files as well as the linguistic interpretation of search requests.

Feel free to test the online version:

The Watchman Project

Intelligent system and environment analyzing

The Watchman Project involves the exploration of machine based learning and logical inference in server, computer and network monitoring as well as sensored, environmental monitoring. This learning and controlled trading system would appreciable facilitate administrative work and especially reduce downtime.

The aim of this project is a universal, semi-autonomous operating system for servers, or control units.

The Chiron Project

Creating new and secure world wide web

This research project deals with the current problem of internet security vs. modern web applications. The main intent is to create a new approach for secure web applications. By concerning new protocols and new XML-based markup languages the opportunity for system implemented, safely performing web applications will be given.

The aim of the project is a new and safe technology for web applications and the IoT.