The Serapis Project

Intelligent crawling for the operating system

The Serapis project involves the concept of a real time crawling search engine. Mainly we are going to explore the possibilities of focused crawling, i.e. a focused analysis of web pages and files as well as the linguistic interpretation of search requests.

Feel free to test the online version:

The Watchman Project

Intelligent system and environment analyzing

The Watchman Project involves the exploration of machine based learning and logical inference in server, computer and network monitoring as well as sensored, environmental monitoring. This learning and controlled trading system would appreciable facilitate administrative work and especially reduce downtime.

The aim of this project is a universal, semi-autonomous operating system for servers, or control units.

The Sia Project

IoT for the next generation

The Sia Project is a sideproject of „The Watchman Project“ and involves, based on caravaning cases, the exploration of sensor fusion, face detection with artificial neuronal networks and the environmental monitoring of camper vans.

The aim of this project is a solid IoT device.

labs | OS

Self-administrating OS Linux distribution

There are many Linux distributions out there with different purposes. Our distribution focuses on systems that being used 24/7 are on permanent load. Therefore the OS has to be extremely stable, lightweight and secure.

We aim for a self-administrating OS.
ISO 26262 certifiable.
Real-time capability.